American-style education enables students to immerse themselves in holistic learning experiences combining interactive intellectual endeavors with creative extra-curricular pursuits. Students actively participate in community work, industry exposure, academic forums, leadership development, workshops, sports and extra-curricular activities.

Hallmarks of American Education


Holistic and well-balanced curriculum


Broad-based education with a wide range of academic disciplines


Interactive approach to learning

A Flexible Credit Transfer System

One of the key strengths of studying in ADTP is that students can customize their education pathways by choosing one of Sunway University’s transfer arrangements of 1+3, 2+2 or 3+1* years. Students are able to transfer their credits to a university of their choice where they will specialize in their chosen field.

Mentor-Mentee Program

Our dedicated and qualified faculty offers personal attention, mentoring and guidance. Each student is assigned to an Academic Advisor who provides academic guidance and keep close tabs on the student’s progress. Students can count on a high standard of education because of our small class sizes and highly supportive faculty who has the passion to teach and care about the future of their students.

A Global World-Class Transfer Program

Sunway’s ADTP has an impressive record as over 80% of students transferred to U.S. are in the Tier 1 Universities. Students have successfully transferred to renowned universities in the U.S. including Cornell University, New York University, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Boston University, and many more. The flexibility of this program also allows students to transfer to universities in Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Dedicated University Guidance Services

Students get personalized guidance from our U.S.-trained placement expert with strong support from IOUP. Students receive professional advice on transfer options, assistance in university applications, and information on reference materials and resources. Regular workshops are conducted to keep students informed on Pre-application criteria, Visa Application, preparation of Recommendation Letter, Pre-Departure arrangements and other application processes and requirements.

Selection of over 1,000 majors

With over 1,000 majors available in the U.S., students can choose from a diverse range of study options: Engineering · Aviation · Business · Psychology · Communication · Geology · Forensic Science · Actuarial Science · Architecture · Sciences · History · Sociology · Political Science · Theatre Performance and more.

Internship Experience

Internships are a great platform to prepare students for the real world. They are able to explore potential careers, network with professionals and gain valuable job knowledge. Sunway’s ADTP offers many internship opportunities in diverse industries through the arrangements with Industrial Advisory Board members.

Transfer Universities

A student’s choice of universities is based on many criteria such as meeting the requirements for admission into the selected institutions, the reputation of the institutions, fields of study or majors offered, geographical location, budget considerations and career prospects upon graduation. Advice, information and assistance will be available for students from staff in the International University Placement Office and the Centre for American Education.

Summer Courses

Summer is a great time for ADTP transferred students to participate in our summer courses. Students will have the opportunity to complete their General Education requirements or study exciting course topics offered during these sessions. Students will have closer interaction with their lecturer and fellow students in a smaller-size class.

Protocor Services

We offer free proctoring services to ADTP transferred students who are taking online courses to fulfill their exam requirements during the summer semester.

Education Pathway


Transfer Universities


United States

University of Alabama (Reg. University No.52)
Arizona State University (National University No.129)
Northern Arizona University (National University Fourth Tier)
University of Alabama (Reg. University No.120)
California State University - Freshno (Reg. University No.44)
California State University - Long Beach (Reg. University No.32)
Fullerton College (Reg. University No.37)
San Francisco State University (Reg. University No.63)
San Jose State University (Reg. University No.44)
University of San Francisco
Colorado State University (Reg. University No.124)
Eastern Conneticut University (National University No.92)
University of Bridgeport
Eckerd College (National Liberal Arts College No.127)
Embry – Riddle Aeronautical University (Reg. University No.10)
Florida Institute of Technology (National University No.159)
Full Sail University
University of Tampa (Reg. University No.26)
Georgia Institute of Technology (National University No.35
Hawaii Pacific University (Reg. University No.87)
University of Hawaii - Manoa (Reg. University No.159)
DePaul University (National University No.121)
Illinois Institute of Technology (National University No.111)
Illinois State University (National University No.142)
Southern Illinois University Carbondale (National University No.183)
University of Illinois, Urbana - Champaign (National University No.47)
Indiana University - Bloomington (National University No.75)
Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis (National University No.194)
Purdue University - West Lafayette (National University No.56)
Drake University (Reg. University No.1)
Iowa State University (National University No.94)
University of Iowa (National University No.72)
University of Northern Iowa (Reg. University No.15)
University of Kansas (National University No.104)
Wichita State University (National University Fourth Tier)
University of Kentucky (Reg. University No.129)
Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge (National University No.124)
University of Louisiana - Lafayete
Boston University (National University No.41)
Emerson College (Reg. University No.10)
Michigan State University (National University No.79)
Michigan Technological University (National University No.117)
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (National University No.29)
Western Michigan University (National University No.179)
Minnesota State University - Moorhead (Reg. University No.108)
St Cloud State University (Reg. University No.99)
University of Minnesota - Twin Cities (National University No.64)
Winona Michigan University (Reg. University No.72)
University of Mississippi (National University No.143)
Truman State University - Moorhead (Reg. University No.8)
University of Missouri - Kansas City (National University Second Tier)
University of Missouri - Rolla (National University No.94)
Montana State University (National University No.183)
Creighton University - Moorhead (Reg. University No.1)
University of Nebraska - Lincoln (National University No.104)
University of Nebraska - Omaha
Plymouth State University (Reg. University No.100)
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (National University No.64)
St. Peter's University (Reg. University No.92)
Stevens Institute of Technology (National University No.86)
New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (Reg. University No.25)
University of New Mexico (National University Second Tier)
Cornell University (National University No.15)
Pace University (National University No.173)
New York Institute of Technology (Reg. University No.41)
New York University (National University No.33)
Rochester Institute of Technology (Reg. University North No.87)
St. John's University (National University No.153)
State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz (National University No.128)
State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton (National University No.86)
State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo (National University No.120)
State University of New York (SUNY) at Stony Brook
State University of New York (SUNY) at Plattsburgh
North Carolina State University (National University No.111)
Hiram College (National Liberal Arts College No.148)
The Ohio State University -Columbus (National University No.56)
Ohio University (National University No.135)
University of Oklahoma (Reg. University No.25)
Oklahoma State University (National University No.132)
Oral Roberts University -Columbus (Reg. University West No.46)
University of Central Oklahoma (Reg. University Second Tier)
University of Cincinnati (National University No.140)
Oregon State University (National University No.139)
Portland State University (National University Second Tier)
University of Oregon (National University No.111)
Lehigh University (National University No.37)
Pennsylvania State University (National University No.48)
Philadelphia University (Reg. University North No.61)
Temple University (National University No.132)
Johnson & Wales University (Reg. University No.58)
Texas A&m University - College Station (National University No.63)
United States Aviation Academy
University of Houston (National University Second Tier)
University of North Texas (National University Second Tier)
University of Texas - Arlington (National University Second Tier)
University of Texas - Austin (National University No.53)
University of Utah (National University No.129)
George Mason University (National University No.135)
University of Virginia - Charlottesville (National University No.25)
Washington University (Reg. University No.44)
West Virginia University (National University No.176)
Marquette University (National University No.86)
University of Wisonsin - Eau Claire (Reg. University No.33)
University of Wisconsin - Madison (National University No.45)


University of Alberta
University of Calgary
University of Lethbridge
Simon Fraser University
Thompson Rivers University
University of Victoria
University of Manitoba - Winnipeg
University of New Brunswick
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Dalhousie University
Carleton University
Laurentian University
Ryerson Victoria
Seneca College
Trent College
University of Guelph
University of Waterloo
University of Windsor
Wilfrid Laurier University
York University
University of Saskatchewan
McGill University - Montreal


Australia National University
Charles Sturt University
James Cook University
Monash University
Queensland University of Technology
University of New South Wales
University of Technology Sydney
Victoria University

New Zealand

Massey University
University of Auckland
University of Canterbury
Victoria University of Wellington

United Kingdom

Lancaster University
University of Edinburgh
University of Strathclyde


Year after year, many of our students have successfully obtained scholarships from top U.S. universities. A select list of universities offer scholarships for our students in 2015:

Semester Major University Scholarship (US$)
Fall 2015 Managment Science Southern Illinois University Carbondale 12,500
Fall 2015 Engineering Technology, General Southern Illinois University Carbondale 12,500
Fall 2015 Mathematics General Southern Illinois University Carbondale 12,500
Fall 2015 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Southern Illinois University Carbondale 12,500
Fall 2015 Pre-Medicine / Pre Medical Southern Illinois University Carbondale 12,500
Fall 2015 Mechanical Engineering Western Michigan University 14,000
Fall 2015 General Engineering Western Michigan University 4,000
Fall 2015 Journalism Western Michigan University 4,000
Fall 2015 Biological Science Western Michigan University 8,000
Fall 2015 Economics / Finance John Carroll University 21,100
Fall 2015 Computer Science Illinois Institute of Technology 30,000
Fall 2015 Computer Science University of Idaho 30,196
Fall 2015 Mechanical Engineering Indiana University Purdue - University Indianapolis 5,000
Summer 2015 Chemical Engineering University of Nebraska-Lincoln 9,000

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